Facility Rules and Regulations

No Smoking

In storage units or hallways. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

No Loitering

Loitering around the facility is prohibited. Storage units are for the sole purpose of storing personal or business property. No sleeping within or occupying a unit beyond this purpose.


No one shall do any repairs, or other vehicle maintenance. Washing of vehicles is prohibited. Facility speed limit is 5 MPH. Please use courtesy and caution when entering and exiting the facility. Please park adjacent to storage buildings. Do not block driving lanes. Vehicles may not be left on the premises without express permission from management.

Storage of the Following Items Prohibited:

  • Corrosive, toxic, or hazardous waste or materials.
  • Flammable chemicals, including gasoline, oil, paint thinner, or other solvents.
  • Ammunition, fireworks, or other explosives.
  • Any living animal or carcass.
  • Any illegal or stolen items.
  • Perishables of any kind (canned goods and bottled water are permitted).


Only one (1) lock per door, the other lock space is reserved for management only. No one shall cut ANY lock, even in the event of lost keys. Only the management, or a certified lock-smith with express permission from management, may remove a lock.

    Lock Removal Fees:
  • Round/Disc lock: $25.00
  • Regular Lock: $10.00

Use of Rented Parking Spaces

Only approved vehicles with proof of ownership. No cartons, crates, or other items may be stored in parking spaces.

Use of Dumpster

The dumpster is provided as a courtesy. And is strictly limited to small or loose trash generated within the facility. No construction materials, flammable, or otherwise hazardous materials allowed. No mattresses or other large items. Non-approved items or excessive dumping will result in fees per rental agreement, and possible termination of rental agreement.

Use of Restroom

Please use the restroom for the intended purpose, and leave as clean as you found it. Do not dump storage items in restroom trash receptacle.

Use of Electrical Power

Use of power is restricted to approved lights and cords only. Power is supplied as a courtesy for the purpose of temporary light, or the limited use of power tools for the purposes of constructing shelving for a unit. Please be sure that any and all cords are laid flat, and do not prevent a hazard.

Unattended Items

All property must be secured inside of unit. Any items left outside of unit will be disposed of. Please inform the office if someone has forgotten to secure his/her storage.


Any action deemed by the management to be a health or safety hazard, will NOT be tolerated, and may result in the termination of rental agreement.

Building A

Please use caution around fire sprinkler heads and pipes. Maintain 18" clearance between items and sprinklers. Do not hang or otherwise attach items to the pipes. Damage or stress to pipes could result in their activation.